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Blink 182 'Reconnecting'; Reunion Speculation Heats ...

Just a few short months after Travis Barker was nearly killed in a tremendous plane crash that killed 4 people, he and the other members of Blink 182 are apparently back on speaking terms for the first time in four years. According to a blog post written by former Blink bassist (now with +44) Mark Hoppus, the punk trio that sold nearly 12.7 million albums between the mid-90s and their split in 2004 have met face to face and communicated with each other for the first time since their well-publicized breakup. The blog post reads: in the midst of everything else that has happened lately, tom, travis, and i have all spoken together.

first through a number of phone calls, ....
7:28 a.m. Friday 21st November 2008 EST
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