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blip.fm - kinda like muxtape, hype ...

blip.fm - kinda like muxtape, hype machine, and twitter combined

i just got turned on to the ridiculously rad music site blip.fm by sneakmove’s pal jamie flam. i’m mad i didn’t know about it sooner! the best way i can describe it is as a combination of muxtape, hype machine, and twitter. you set up a profile, search for artists or songs, and any that [...] Related posts: thoughts on the new hype machine as annoying as the relaunch of hype machine’s new site...

hooked up on the hype machine we’re pretty happy to see that the hype machine, our... muxtape upload up to 12 songs and share a mixtape at.... 6:42 p.m. Thursday 22nd January 2009 EST
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