Blitzen Trapper w/ Alela Diane @ The Horseshoe Tavern Feb. 21.2009.

There were a crowd of us that went out to the (Legendary) Horseshoe Tavern last night... and I've come to conclusion that people from northern Ontario should not be allowed to drink. Kudos to Mr.

G for organizing the tickets, etc. for last night. Alela Diane (pronounced A- Leila ) went on first and I wasn't really sure what to expect from her.

What I heard on her myspace was pretty underwhelming, but her latest album, To Be Still (out now) got an 82 on Metacritic , which is pretty impressive. So, myspace - meh, new album reviews - good, either way I was interested to see her set and went in with an open mind. She was really impressive....

1:17 a.m. Monday 23rd February 2009 EST
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