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Bloggers Delight

Bloggers Delight

Bloggers Delight is an exciting event that has been organised by the genius of Jerry Soer from and let's face it, without having to get my knee pads out and service the entire office with my mouth, there isn't much worthwhile about emerging live music that Jerry doesn't have something to do with. The line up speaks for itself and I have absolutely no doubts Lara Bingle will be there walking round in a bikini asking everyone where the bloody hell they've been. I'm particularly looking at all you uni kids to get out there because it's going to be roofus.

It's my new hip word... spread it like wildfire. Some of the whiteboydancefloor crew should be down ....

9:08 a.m. Tuesday 16th September 2008 EST
whiteboydancefloor 55 posts in collection
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