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Bob Blank - The Blank Generation: ...

Rating: 8.0 If you are an eighties baby you can relate. If you are a seventies baby you were there. Bob Blank and his newest compilation, The Blank Generation: Blank Tapes NYC 1975-1985 , puts the listener in every state of mind, motion and feeling each free spirit expressed during the changing decade.

Although scheduled to drop February of 2010, Blank immediately hones us in on the seventies dance scene with an introduction from Debby Blackwell’s “Once You Got Me Going” on track one. There is a solid feel, a solid “groovy” sound that illuminates the time. Charanga 76’s “Music Trance” follows the first track, adding a Latin vibe to the environment – calypso maybe? The sound chemistry garnered creates ....

From 'Beyond Race'
6:33 a.m. Tuesday 2nd February 2010 EST
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