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Bobby B's 50 Albums Of The ...

For ramblings on how I came to compile this list go here . And for commentary on previous selections: [ #50-46 ] [ #45-41 ] [ #40-36 ] [ #35-31 ] [ #30-26 ] [ #25-21 ] [ #20-16 ] [ #15-11 ] So how exciting it this 'eh? We're about to embark on my top 10 selections for the 2000's and I, for one, am very surprised at the difference a countdown makes to a blogger's readership. Maybe I should throw a few declining numbers in front of my opinions more often.

If you've been following along, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for taking an interest, and I'm looking forward to checking out all of ....
5 p.m. Tuesday 24th November 2009 EST
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