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Bogman Jason.

Bogman Jason.

JASON THE SWAMP A swamp can't walk, a swamp can't talk, a swamp can't smile, a swamp can't cry and a swamp can't die. All a swamp can do is sit there being wet and dirty. Are we genuinely expected to believe that a marsh named Jason is a regular producer of sweetly bouncing ditties such as those contained on the Mice in the Mouse Organ EP from earlier this year? It's not even as though 'swampish' would be a suitable descriptor of his crisp and clean stylings.

'Running Around' sounds like he travelled back in time to 1983 Texas, visited Daniel Johnston's sister's basement, washed the gunk and grime out from Johnston's tatty old chord organ, figured out how .... 6 p.m. Wednesday 15th October 2008 EST
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