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Bolero Lava- Inevitable 12''

Here's another generous donated post from Jeff/Uberbelly, who was involved in this particular band during their later incarnation. Otherwise, the band in question is Vancouver based Bolero Lava , who began life as an all-female post-punk band. Their sound reminds me personally of a cross between 4AD's Colourbox and The Au Pairs, with both a soulful croon and a funky post-punk edge to them.<br/><br/> The original lineup of the band lasted through 1983-1988, releasing the Inevitable 12'' in 1984. Original members Barbara Bernath and Laurel Thackeray departed in 1988, replaced briefly by Andy Graffiti and Linda McRae. Jeff Sawatsky (our gracious donator, also involved with Voice and Sarah McLachlan) and Sherri Leigh replaced Andy and Linda, and Mallory Temple was ....<br/><br/> 6:02 a.m. Saturday 27th June 2009 EST
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