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Bombay Bicycle Brilliance

Bombay Bicycle Brilliance

Another day, another DMCA takedown. It just makes me feel sad, when will these people realise we're helping the industry and they're the ones hindering it? If physical sales are going down, then live shows are how artists will make money, and if people are going to go to live shows then people need to hear their music. The wonderful Bombay Bicycle Club are a case in point.

These ridiculously young and talented bastards... uh, I mean geniuses, are slowly being introduced into a transitional music world, where the industry simply doesn't know what's going to happen around the corner, and so by me posting their songs, I'm helping their cause as professional musicians. Well, I say that, why I'm ....

8:43 a.m. Thursday 16th April 2009 EST
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