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Bonnaroo 2009: Brooklyn Go Hard

Bonnaroo 2009: Brooklyn Go Hard

By Scott Lapatine & Amrit Singh Not that it's a competition , but at any summer festival you'll be expected to answer What Was The Best Set So Far several times a day. We have a tie for Friday, at least from what we saw, between two Brooklyn bands at their peak. The melismatic strains of Dirty Projectors ' "Stillness Is The Move" and the singalong chamber pop of Grizzly Bear 's "Two Weeks" were equally enthralling moments that will be tough to top.

Both acts' sets focused heavily on their respective weeks-old LPs, rare instances where a grab bag festival audience actually wants to hear all the new stuff. (Don't get any ideas, Bruce.) Afro-indie forebearer David Byrne was .... 3:54 a.m. Sunday 14th June 2009 EST
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