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Booker T.: "Potato Hole" w/ Neil ...

Booker T.: "Potato Hole" w/ Neil Young & Drive-By Truckers

The new Booker T. album Potato Hole drops April 21st on Anti- . He is backed up by Neil Young and the Drive-By Truckers : "Their three-guitar approach appealed to me," Booker T told USA Today.

Make that five, on occasion: Jones added guitar parts on some tracks, and Neil Young played throughout. "He adds that special thing that only he can do." Tracks: Pound It Out She Breaks Hey Ya Native New Yorker Nan Warped Sister Get Behind The Mule Reunion Time Potato Hole Space City It's been twenty years since his last solo album. » More » Photo: Jason Thrasher.

7:14 p.m. Sunday 18th January 2009 EST
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