BOOMBOXX SOUND #1 / BOOMBOXX party & Zuzuka Poderosa,

BOOMBOXX returns this week-end! After the awesome party we got with dj /Rupture and Master G from Heatwave last month, I'm super excited to have two guest from New York City representing the Baile Funk scene: Zuzuka Poderosa with her sexy and infectius live set alongside dj Comrade with his great mix of Funk carioca, electro and hip-hop! In Montreal, JP Emond aka dj Masala will be back with 1h30 of african sound! And last but not least, this will also be the first time (and not the last) that BOOMBOXX is happening in Québec City as well as in Montreal. That being said, if you're in town you got to come to this party and in order to convince .... 1:54 p.m. Wednesday 14th January 2009 EST
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