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Boredoms, Boss Hog, Caribou, Deerhoof, Deerhunter, ...

What, Animal Collective, The Melvins, Suicide, The Feelies, and The Flaming Lips weren't enough for you? Jeez, some people are hard to please. Okay, what if we told you that in addition to the astounding lineup that's already in place for this year's ATP NY, new additions to the schedule include Iron and Wine on Friday, Deerhunter and Boss Hog on Saturday, and (sharp intake of breath) Boredoms, No Age, Caribou, and Deerhoof on Sunday, among others? Would that pique your interest, fussypants? Thought so. And what if you were further informed that the Boredoms will be performing their nine-drummer BOREDRUM piece, No Age will be playing a set of Husker Du material, and that Caribou will be expanding itself ....

5:39 a.m. Saturday 2nd May 2009 EST
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