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Brave - Monuments

Brave - Monuments

Somewhere, off the wind-beaten coast of England, north by the Scotland border, a woman stands alone at the top of a grassy knoll. The North Atlantic wind whips around her, mist billowing in swirling patterns, her white gown flowing. A darkened manor lies in the distance, standing like a solitary sentinel.

She turns slowly, a tear in her eye, remembering something, someone who had left so long ago. Her eyes cast again across the horizon, searching for his return. Occupying the vast territory between the symphonic metal of Nightwish and the gentler, classical-tinged prog of Mostly Autumn , you’ll find Washington D.C.’s Brave in all their glory.

Imagine if Emily and Charlotte Bronte had decided to form a heavy metal .... 6:03 p.m. Monday 1st December 2008 EST
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