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"Day Glo" from the album Phosphorescent Blues 2009 iTunes With a sophistication only hinted at on previous EPs, Brazos ripples through the past brightly on its full-length debut, Phosphorescent Blues . Opener "My Buddy" slowly builds with the evocative grandeur of Grizzly Bear, while the sparse icy chill of "Avignon" suggests In Rainbows -era Radiohead. "Day Glo" and the unfolding piano arpeggios of "We Understand Each Other" hint at Jon Brion's Eternal Sunshine .

Yet, pianist/guitarist Martin Crane comes into his own here, most notably in the snappy "Kid" and rushing "Tell." There's an IMAX quality to his crystalline vocal inflections and photographic imagery; the presentation alone makes the experience worthwhile, which is why he can croon over the same ....
From 'Jonk Music'
3:34 p.m. Thursday 10th December 2009 EST
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