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Bret Easton Ellis Already Planning "Less ...

Bret Easton Ellis Already Planning "Less Than Zero" Reunion

Given that author Bret Easton Ellis was notoriously disappointed by all the casting for the movie version of his book Less Than Zero , it's rather fascinating that he's already discussing with MTV his interest in seeing the original cast of "Less Than Zero" the movie reunited for the possible adaptation of his forthcoming sequel novel Imperial Bedrooms . Clearly his sentimentality for the hedonistic '80s of his youth has ratcheted up as he's gotten older. So much so that now he wants even the conspicuously non- blonde L.A.

heroes played by Andrew McCarthy and Jami Gertz reprised in their middle years. Obviously, Ellis wouldn't object if they brought back Robert Downey , Jr. and James Spader also, so at ....

8:40 a.m. Wednesday 15th April 2009 EST
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