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Bright Eyes - Papa Was a ...

Bright Eyes - Papa Was a Rodeo

Here's a brand-new Bright Eyes song- a cover of the Magnetic Fields "Papa Was a Rodeo." The original is from the 1999 album 69 Love Songs , my personal favorite album of all-time, and an album that I cannot recommend enough. "Papa Was a Rodeo" is arguably the best song on the album, though everyone seems to have their own personal favorite songs and disc. This Bright Eyes cover is from the upcoming compilation Score! 20 Years of Merge Records , out in 2-weeks.

It is limited to only 7,500 copies, so I would recommenced pre-ordering it now. As for the cover itself, I really like it. It is more akin to the electric based Bright Eyes style that Conor ....

9:46 a.m. Wednesday 25th March 2009 EST
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