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Brimstone Howl - 'Blood On The ...

Brimstone Howl - 'Blood On The Rock, Bones In The River' 7"

This record came out a while ago, but I just got a stack of records from Boom Chick Records so I thought I'd start with something older by a band that was kicking ass then and now. Brimstone Howl are on top of the great crop of bands coming out of Lincoln, Nebraska. I'm sure living in Nebraska probably sucks but hearing shit like this makes me think otherwise.

I'm not too versed in all of BH's releases but I do have the ALIVE Records LP and while the songwriting on this single is pretty similar the production is entirely different: It's raw, dirty and out of control. To further explain... it sounds like the guitars were both played through ....

8:15 a.m. Sunday 27th January 2008 EST
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