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Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus: This Year's ...

The Teen Choice Awards is known for regularly hosting a solid roster of teen icons. This year's awards ceremony however, turned a number of writers in the blogoshere into curmudgeons, all of them wondering if kids do in fact grow up too quickly. In a recent post, StilettoREVOLT asked its readers just what Britney Spears was doing winning a "Lifetime Achievement Award" (in the cumbersome form of a surfboard) at the ripe old age of 27, why Robert Pattison, the Friendly Vampire, was allowed to utter creepisms to his teenage audience ("The hottest hotties, the hottest teens, are the Twilight fans,") and why, just WHY was 16-year old Miley Cyrus allowed to go pole dancing during her performance? Wasn't her ....<br/><br/> 9:13 a.m. Thursday 13th August 2009 EST
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