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Broadway couldn't handle a zoom lens.

Fairly disappointed in the Mamma Mia movie, even given my super-low expectations. A few thoughts on why it failed so miserably: 1. General incompetence: in singing, in choreography (holy shit the choreography -- did the choreographer basically just tell them all to go figure something out in their bedroom and then they'd rehearse it with a chorus line?), in cinematography (y'know what'll make this number pop? SPINNING THE CAMERA!), in editing (which seems to have been randomized a la the last minute of this klassik Youtube mash ).<br/><br/> 2. General incompetence: in singing. Did I mention the singing? And how bad it was? 3.<br/><br/> Anyway. TOO MANY EFFING CLOSE-UPS. The entire film has a weirdly claustrophobic feeling, even for a ....<br/><br/> 12:17 p.m. Tuesday 2nd June 2009 EST
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