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Broken Social Scene Recording New LP

After endless touring, semi-solo albums from leaders Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning, and a boatload of records from friends and associates, the amorphous indie rock entity known as Broken Social Scene are getting back to the business of being Broken Social Scene. They're currently recording album number four at Soma Electronic Music Studio in Chicago with post-rock sonic mastermind John McEntire (Tortoise, the Sea and Cake), according to a message from Drew on the band's site . I think I speak for every fan of grand instrumental swells, mumbly singing, and all things guitar-y and heart-wrenching and heart-on-sleeve when I say: It's about damn time.<br/><br/> More info below: After working with bombastic studio madman Dave Newfeld on 2002's You Forgot .... 1:29 a.m. Thursday 14th May 2009 EST
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