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Broken Social Scene Reunite On The ...

We got the word on this one from a reader named Kate, who informs us of the following: Broken Social Scene were going to have a show on the island in Toronto but because of the city strike they had to cancel it. As an apology of sorts last night they held a free show at the Harborfront. Needless to say the outdoor venue was packed.<br/><br/> As was the stage. She reports that Saturday's BSS lineup included, among others, Feist, Emily Haines, Kevin Drew, Jimmy Shaw, Brendan Canning, Jason Collett, and Amy Millan. All those ladies aren't onstage at the same time often these days, but when it happens, it's memorable .<br/><br/> And that they did a bunch of BSS .... 12:10 a.m. Tuesday 14th July 2009 EST
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