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Brother Ali's Upcoming Album To Feature ...

HOLY GOD. I JUST FOUND OUT THAT BROTHER ALI’S NEW ALBUM IS ALL LIVE MUSIC. THIS IS INCREDIBLE.<br/><br/> Phew. Deep breath. First off, I love live music.<br/><br/> It’s like improv comedy – for some reason when you know what you’re seeing/listening to is completely in the moment and real, it is astronomically more impressive/fun to check out. It’s pretty rare, though, to hear a live hip hop album. Rap rarely translates well to the stage, and crisp beats on a studio track are tough to re-create in a live setting.<br/><br/> When hip hop acts are able to successfully play their act live, though, it’s awesome. The closest I can think of to a live hip hop album is The Roots’ .... 11:03 p.m. Saturday 22nd August 2009 EST
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