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Bruce Lundvall

You can stop defending Bruce Lundvall. God, the testimonials flowing in exceed the plaudits at a retirement dinner. And aint that just the point, retirement.<br/><br/> OF COURSE Bruce Lundvall has great ears and a legendary track record. But the point is, thats no longer enough! Hell, MITCH MILLER was king, with a TV show, never mind gargantuan album sales, when he single-handedly held back rock as head of A&R at Columbia Records. Point is, society, culture, technology, are MOVING TARGETS! And if you slow up, if you let one go, youre no longer taken seriously by those who provide your revenue, those you need to be in touch with to CONTINUE to rule.<br/><br/> Theres absolutely no excuse for Bruce Lundvall .... midnight Friday 23rd February 2007 EST
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