Bryan Singer Eyeing Low-Rent Thriller Pitch- Mom Called It 'Psychologically Taut'

Director Bryan Singer is circling the Mark Wahlberg suspense thriller " The Prisoners " as his next project , reports EW. The story concerns a Boston father (surprise!) who goes on the hunt for a kidnapper who has nabbed his daughter. EW claims the screenplay, credited to newcomer Aaron Guzikowski, is a combination of " Silence of the Lambs " and " Seven ," such a tired, dated frame of reference that it makes us think of Donald Kaufman 's pitch for " The Thr3e ." The fact that Singer is being mentioned in conjunction with projects like this and Joel Silver 's " Logan's Run " suggests that he may finally be removed from speculation over where Warner Bros.

.... 7:14 a.m. Sunday 22nd March 2009 EST
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