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Buke and Gass Live at Sycamore ...

It doesn't happen very often that we find out about an emerging rock band that is absolutely mind blowing, both on record and live. Buke and Gass is such a band. This project can be described as a "two man (wall of sound) band" - although one of them is a woman - in the old fashioned meaning of musicians playing several instruments at once while walking around.<br/><br/> B+G don't walk while performing (they actually sit) but they still manage to play a multitude of instruments at once while singing: bass, guitar, ukulele, kick drum, snare, tambourine and sleigh bells. Oh, and when we say "at once", we mean it: the players never switch instruments during the performance (to see .... 9:33 p.m. Monday 8th June 2009 EST
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