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Bulent Arel, "Electronic Music No. 1"

Bulent Arel, "Electronic Music No. 1"

-- LINER NOTES -- ELECTRONIC MUSIC NO. 1 (1960) The music on this record was produced at the original Columbia University Tape Music Studio and its successor, the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center, and at the University of Illinois Electronic Music Studio. It includes some of the earliest electronic music released on commercial records, and is reissued by CRI after its deletion on the Son Nova and Heliodor labels.

The tapes used in this reissue are all freshly mixed from the original materials. Three fundamental types of electronic music are represented: (1) tape music composed from materials created from 'natural' (concrete) sounds such as gongs, voices, and instruments; (2) tape music composed from sounds which were generated by electronic instruments such .... 7:31 a.m. Saturday 23rd May 2009 EST
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