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Busta Rhymes: "Respect My Conglomerate" ft. ...

Busta Rhymes: "Respect My Conglomerate" ft. Jadakiss & Lil Wayne

Thanks to Prefix Commenter/Man About Town Al , I can't watch a Busta Rhymes video without lining it up with the Benny Hill theme for the hilarity that ensues. It's uncanny; Busta's dancing almost always lines up perfectly. And it does in the video for "Respect My Conglomerate," a big budget video that features Lil Wayne and Jadakiss on some verses, and Idris Elba (Stringer Bell from The Wire ) and some dude from CSI: Miami in the clip.

The song has such a weird hook--a woman with a British accent says it evenly without singing--but it features one of the better Lil Wayne verses in a long while. Busta Rhymes' Back on My Bullshit is due out on May .... 1:39 a.m. Saturday 2nd May 2009 EST
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