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But Are They Experienced? Legendary Pictures ...

It's the 4 oth anniversary of Woodstock this year, so of course that means time to dust off another attempt at a Jimi Hendrix biopic. This one has been in the cards for years, but has generally not gone anywhere. Every two or three years the project seems to get some slight movement, an announcement in the trades and then, as per usual, stalls or goes nowhere.<br/><br/> The problem is just too many cooks in the kitchen and that doesn't even include the record labels that control all the songs. Outkast 's Andre 3000 really wanted to play the rock god at one point , and he would be a fine choice, but again, the project stalled. Quentin Tarantino was ....<br/><br/> 12:02 p.m. Thursday 20th August 2009 EST
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