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Buzzworthy??? Or Not???

Who : Crocodiles Location : San Diego, CA First Heard : Stereogum Thoughts : You wouldn't think that a place like sunny San Diego would produce such horribly depressed bands, but based on the songs written by WAVVES and Crocodiles I think it's safe to assume that it's not all fun in the sun in SoCal. Crocodiles follow up on the buzz created by WAVVES, and take the scuzzed out garage pop to slightly poppier ends. The sounds behind the songs are happier then anything either band has created so far, but don't be fooled by the catchy beats songs like "I Wanna Kill" and "Summer of Hate" are laced with frustrated lyrics.<br/><br/> I don't know what's in the water .... 11 p.m. Friday 10th April 2009 EST
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