Cagedbaby Remixed
Cagedbaby is charged & prepared to slosh us with the bizarre pop tricks he's been propagating within his sinister mind, I remember liking an early version months ago of Forced that magically have been transformed now into a total better electronic rework! Forced will soon be released as the first single from Cagedbaby 's upcoming album, features vocals by the man himself & will be paired with a grotesque clockwork-orange-esque music video in the very near future. Cagedbaby wants you Ohh! Crapp... kids to have & enjoy the official remixes right here, right now! ♫ Cagedbaby - Forced (Streetlife DJs Cut N Run Dub) ♫ Cagedbaby - Forced (10 Rapid Dub) ♫ Cagedbaby - Forced (Don Diablo's Forced in 1986 Remix) ♫ CagedBaby - Forced (Doorly's Discodynamite Remix) ♫ Cagedbaby - Forced (Foamo Remix) There's a good one for every taste, my personal favorite is the Streetlife Dub - those of you who DJ will appreciate! Bonus: "theres a few links flying round of my track 'hello there' - 'the presets mix' and the're all at way way way wrong speed and noone seems to notice..

and it sounds rubbish its like pitched down -16 and its kinda well Fucking annoying. - so heres a link to the proper speed version , i think you'll agree its wayyyyy better. " - Cagedbaby ♫ Cagedbaby - Hello There (The Presets Remix) Make sure you drop by his Myspace to say Hi/Thanx & check out the radio edit of the comeback single Forced ! .

- 1 a.m. Wednesday 15th April 2009 EST
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