Calvin Harris - Ready For The Weekend

Electronic / Pop / Disco Calvin Harris is an artist who frustrates and confuses me more than any other. Upon first hearing the cheesy " Acceptable In The 80's " I thought "Oh, haha, a cheeky song about 80's fashion. Cute, but annoying", then I heard the abominal drug and fluro referencing I Created Disco , and firmly placed him in my "musical dickhead" pile.

Soon after, I heard his fabulous cover of Jamiroquai 's " Stillness In Time " (featured on Radio One's 40-year anniversary compilation), as well as S ophie Ellis-Bextor 's " Off and On " (originally for Roisin Murphy 's second album, ' Overpowered ') and Kylie Minogue 's " In My Arms " (both produced ....

from 'Sex 4 Ears'

12:20 p.m. Monday 24th August 2009 EST
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