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Camera Obscura return to their maudlin ...

maud·lin (môd l n) adj. Effusively or tearfully sentimental: "displayed an almost maudlin concern for the welfare of animals" Aldous Huxley. maud lin·ly adv.<br/><br/> maud lin·ness n. It's been a bit quiet on the Letters have no Arms front lately. Many good books, too much work and February apathy are all in some part to blame for that.<br/><br/> So who better than Camera Obscura to rouse us from our slumber! With the announcement of a new album and a few dates, Camera Obscura present themselves to 2009. And like an old familiar friend, we embrace them. Camera Obscura - This Maudlin Career Eliza and I will both be posting a some Valentine's Day themed posts in a few days, so ....<br/><br/> 7:17 a.m. Wednesday 11th February 2009 EST
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