Cameron Crowe's Next Project: A Pearl ...

Cameron Crowe's Next Project: A Pearl Jam Documentary For 2011?

Cameron Crowe 's next project was supposed to be a Jerry Maguire -like tale of love and 30-something arrested adult- lescence set within the strange world of Hawaiian mysticism and military bases called, " Deep Tiki ." It was set to star Ben Stiller and Reese Witherspoon and was originally scheduled to shoot in January of this year and but was then postponed for undisclosed reasons . Stiller is now shooting Noah Baumbach 's " Greenburg /Untitled, "so even if Crowe wanted to start shooting he'd have to wait, plus synching up Stiller and Witherspoon's sched presumably might be tough (do we smell recast?). Regardless, has Crowe moved on in the interim? The Daily Swarm points to a Billboard piece ....

4:42 a.m. Tuesday 14th April 2009 EST
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