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Can I stay here for a ...

In truth, I wasn’t expecting much from the Julian Plenti album. Let’s be honest, a few songs aside, the last Interpol album was mostly underwhelming. Add to that the awkward, post modern pseudonym and almost un-broken rule that records by singers gone solo tend to be utterly unremarkable and incredibly self indulgent and you’ve got a recipe for mass disappointment.<br/><br/> So with that in mind, I’m finding myself pleasantly surprised by ‘Julian Plenti Is Skyscraper’ . Inevitably, it ends up sounding a bit like Interpol. It can’t help but do that.<br/><br/> Paul Banks’ vocals are so distinctive and such an intrinsic part of the band that it’s near impossible to separate the two. It doesn’t help that certain tracks sound .... 8:20 p.m. Thursday 20th August 2009 EST
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