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Can This Record Be A Hit ...

Can This Record Be A Hit In The U.S?

So Im cruising up 20th Street, accelerating in my Saabaru, since thats the only thing its good for, to get ahead of the car in the left lane before it holds me up waiting to turn. And as I sit at the light, noticing the cop in my rearview mirror, the idiotic deejay on Sirius Spectrum starts reciting all the records we just heard, which I didnt, because I hadnt left my house that long ago. Then she says she believes the intro of this Duffy song sounds just like "Stand By Me" and thats got me paying attention as the song starts to play.

Utterly ridiculous. Oh, I can understand where shes coming from, the deejay that is, but .... midnight Thursday 21st February 2008 EST
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