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"Can you really die from a ...

I was just emailed about this band and I like what they stand for, so I figured I'd post about them. Rudely Interrupted is a 6-piece band from Australia. They create your standard and straightforward energetic rock.<br/><br/> It's got a great groove to it. What sets them apart from most other touring acts out there right now is the stunning and admirable amount of strength and courage within the band itself. 5 out of the 6 band members have some form of disability, ranging from blindness and deafness to Asperger's, Autism, and Down Syndrome.<br/><br/> I must stress to you that they are far from a novelty act, their material is original and their vocalist Rory had the following to say .... 4:29 p.m. Monday 1st December 2008 EST
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