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Cannes' 09 'AntiChrist' Review Take 2: ...

Cannes' 09 'AntiChrist' Review Take 2: Oh Lars Von Trier, What Have Ye Done?

[Ed. Sam's review is up and I wholeheartedly endorse it, but wanted to get some of my thoughts across as well. We're basically on the same page as usual, though, perhaps coming from different angles.

Plus it gives me a chance to perhaps go a little bit more loose, But don't worry, no spoilers]. Oh, Lars Von Trier what have you done? Gone too far into the brink and burned what starts out as an incredibly evocative and creepy psychological horror but that goes off the rails and into button-pushing histrionics and ridiculousness? In a word, yes. Chaptered into four acts, with a gorgeous bookending prologue-epilogue, " Antichrist " is arguably successful for three of these four sections, and at ....

6:36 a.m. Wednesday 20th May 2009 EST
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