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Cannes '09: Jane Campion's 'Bright Star' ...

It’s been more than a hot minute since Jane Campion had buzz behind one of her pictures or even a film premiering at Cannes. The Croisette gave her international acclaim in 1992 bestowing the much-coveted Palme D’or on her evocative period masterwork, “ The Piano ” (still as lovely and striking picture as ever, Michael Nyman ’s magnificent score making one wonder why she’s ever bothered to work with anyone else since), but audiences and critics haven’t been as kind or receptive to not-entirely successful, but still engaging ventures (“ Holy Smoke ” with Kate Winslet ) or total misfires (“ In The Cut ” with just-botoxed mangled Meg Ryan ; has there ever been a better case for aging .... 11:31 a.m. Tuesday 19th May 2009 EST
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