Can't Get Enough Of These Days

As I already fully disclosed, I am completely obsessed with The Tallest Man On Earth these days. Also these days, I've become obsessed with a song he covered for La Blogotheque last year - Jackson Browne's "These Days." It's an oft-covered song that I had never heard before, remarkably, so I was excited to hear that it's a popular song amongst talented musicians. In recent days, my playlist has featured heavy rotation of the many versions of this song.

Remarkably, the tune was originally written by Jackson Browne at the age of 16. Nico was the first to record the tune, and Browne himself later produced his own take on the track. Here are a few of my favorite versions ....

from 'The Stu Reid Experiment'

11 p.m. Saturday 26th June 2010 EST
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