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Can't Stop Spinning: Living Thing by ...

I'll first go on record by saying I went in to this record turned off. We were in a van, driving along I-84 through Connecticut from NYC back to Boston one weekend. We were graced with one of those fancy watermarked copies of Living Thing , the brand spanking new album from everyone's three favorite Swedes Peter, Bjorn & John .<br/><br/> Our van driver said "Issac said this one's different - there's next to no guitars on it." We put it in, a beeping tone goes off like someone opened the door to the van. John starts singing amidst breaks of hand claps and doo-doo's. Our jaws had dropped, with the collective look that could be summarized by one sentence: ....<br/><br/> 5:52 a.m. Thursday 26th March 2009 EST
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