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Capped Internet = Torture

Capped Internet = Torture

My internet has been unusable for the past week, so I've been making up for it by downloading like a crack addict. How much music you miss by being away from the blogs for just a week... I was completely in love with the original Raindrops ...

and now there's a version you can play out that loses no love from me. I heart everything that Louis La Roché (re)touches. Basement Jaxx - Raindrops (Louis La Roché Rework) | MF Sometimes being subscribed to a million podcasts does pay off...

Here's a little gem from the Ed Banger podcast. Krazy Baldhead has been responsible for some pretty wack tunes, but this club mix is a little more friendly. Krazy Baldhead ....

8:31 a.m. Wednesday 27th May 2009 EST
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