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Captain Fantastic Deluxe Edition

Captain Fantastic Deluxe Edition

My copy of "Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy" got lost in a divorce. My SISTERS divorce. Maybe it wasnt really mine to begin with.

But when I lived with Jill in the summer of 75, I made her buy it. Along with "Blood On The Tracks", "One Of These Nights", Wendy Waldmans thirdgive me a few minutes and Ill remember more! Wendy Waldmans third never came out on CD. A few tracks ultimately showed up on her compilation CD, released in 1996, but some of the cuts from that 1975 album I havent heard SINCE then.

A few I got via Napster. You know what its like to hear songs you know by heart but havent heard in .... midnight Tuesday 13th September 2005 EST
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