Carcosa Revised. Again.

The fires raging over Geoffrey McKinney's Carcosa have mostly died out, aside from a few pyros still stoking flames here and there. I haven't yet gotten a copy myself, so I won't comment on its content aside from saying that the cool parts sound cool and the squicky parts sound squicky. Part of my hesitation is indecision.

I'm not sure which version to get. There's the original and its blasphemous rituals, as well as a forthcoming revision which redacts the grisly details of Carcosan sorcery. And just this morning I learned about yet another version: A Bold New Take on the World of Carcosa First came the controversial original.

Then came The Expurgation. But now comes the most shocking Carcosa .... 10:15 p.m. Thursday 30th October 2008 EST
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