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Caribou Vibration Ensemble @ The Opera ...

Caribou Vibration Ensemble @ The Opera House: photo by Michael Ligon I suspect that if Caribou 's Dan Snaith's high school music teacher (presuming Dan took a music class or two and or took part in band in high school) was to have attended the Caribou Vibration Ensemble show at The Opera House last Thursday night, he or she would have been very proud. The show spanned a spectrum of sonic textures, rhythms, vocals and melodies and simply was musicality at it's best. Sometimes less is more, but in this case more was great, if not better.<br/><br/> For the occasion, which was basically a warm up gig for Caribou Vibration Ensemble's show at All Tomorrow's Parties which went down in .... 1:19 p.m. Tuesday 15th September 2009 EST
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