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Casey Affleck: Crazy As Joaquin Phoenix?

Cinemablend's Katey Rich had the pleasure of sitting down with rapper/coked-out of his mind former actor Joaquin Phoenix at a junket recently while his sidekick Casey Affleck and camera crew watched disapprovingly from the corner. During the awkward interview with Joaquin, in which he in no way mentioned the movie he is being paid to promote (" Two Lovers "), a journalist acknowledged the heavily-bearded elephant in the room by asking Phoenix if his rap career was a put on. This apparently didn't go over well with Affleck, who after the interview lectured the writers on the normalcy of career changes.<br/><br/> "He came back in, sat us back down, and asked us to explain just why we didn't believe that .... 11:05 p.m. Friday 13th February 2009 EST
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