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Cassette #2: The Uninitiated Pear-Ring

Some more fantastic tracks this week. A lot of good stuff coming out of Neon Gold these days and I'm still stumbling on some brilliant quirky French bands. This was supposed to be posted this coming Sunday but I'm away so its an early one.

Hope you enjoy it. Grab it mixed here . Fresh French band Jolie Cherie ease us in with their track Barcelona .

Rhythmic beaty electro-pop is their nature and quirky vocals a staple of their songs. Certainly ones to watch. Their track Star recently featured on the Kitsune Maison 8 compilation and is also well worth checking out.

Jolie Cherie - Barcelona . Electro-house producers Super Mal gear things up with instrumental track Blood and ....
6:32 a.m. Monday 16th November 2009 EST
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