catalan cabbies

Civil Civic will get you by the balls. I haven't come across anything this year that brings the party like this. Less Unless, the standout track, is a thrilling lesson in how to cram a fuckload of ideas into a four-minute romp that has FUN tattooed in large, glowing letters all over its chameleonic skin.

So incredibly evocative, I envisage a schizophrenic conception consisting of some choice elements. Their blog, as highlighted by NME , imagines a video with a charismatic airplane pilot losing control of his mojito. If I were the director I would place my camera in the cabin of this joyously doomed flight from London to Barcelona.

The hostess, called Jane, sets the pulse by clapping, instigating ....
8:11 p.m. Friday 5th February 2010 EST
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