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CD Review: The Wildhearts "Chutzpah!"

The Wildhearts are the sort of band that make you proud to be American. America, after all, invented rock and roll, dammit. You know that, I know that, and, most importantly of all, the Wildhearts know that.

Did I mention that the Wildhearts are British? Because they're British, only about twelve people in America know about them. After thirteen albums (yes, thirteen), they remain the hard rock equivalent of Robbie Williams to us Yanks. Who's Robbie Williams, you ask? Ah, never mind.

If they'd been fortunate enough to be American, they could have simply gone to Europe to slowly build up a devoted cult following that would eventually translate to millions of albums sold in America, just like Metallica. Also ....
From 'He's A Whore'
1:32 a.m. Saturday 17th October 2009 EST
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