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Charles Dodge, "Changes"

Charles Dodge, "Changes"

-- LINER NOTES -- Charles Dodge received his early musical training in Ames, lowa, where he was born in 1942. During his years as a composition student (at the University of lowa with Philip Bezonson ond Richard Hervig, at Tanglewood with Gunther Schuller and Arthur Berger, and at Columbia University with Jack Beeson, Chou Wen-chung, and Otto Luening), many of his works were awarded composition prizes. Since then, in addition to teaching in the music departments of Columbia and Princeton Universities, he has conducted reseorch in computer sound synthesis at the IBM Thomas J.

Watson Research Center and lectured on the subject for musicians, scientists, and engineers at various colleges and universities. Concerning his work, Mr. Dodge writes: " Changes ....

11:36 a.m. Thursday 28th May 2009 EST
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